Mailing List Step-by-Step Guide

Norman Morrow & Co. Crumlin

Once registered, you can receive email alerts and save properties to your account.

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Property search

Setting up your search criteria

Use any of the search forms throughout our website to search for a specific area and click search.

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Create email alert

Create an email alert

The results will now be displayed. You can save this search and set up an email alert for any changes by clicking the Create Email Alert button.

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Searching "Crumlin"
My Crumlin Search
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Saving your new search

Give your search a name, specify how often you want to receive e-mails about new properties which fall into your search criteria. After saving, you will be brought back to the search page where you can continue browsing properties.

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My Account
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Viewing your saved searches

From the My Account link within the menu, you can navigate to the different sections of your account. Clicking on Email Alerts will take you to all your saved searches.

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"My Crumlin Search" (Saved 13 July 2024)

Property for sale in Crumlin

Email Frequency: WEEKLY

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Save Delete Search

Manage your email alerts

From here, you can view all the saved searches on your account, change the frequency of the emails you receive and delete specific searches.

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